Cliche Limited Edition Deck !



Cliche & Skateimpact made a Collaboration deck dedicated to the Egyptian revolution !! Andrew Brophy was not at the office so Charles Collet is holding the deck instead ! will be available on the 23rd for sale !
سكتيمبكت و كلشي سكتبوردس يهدون هذه اللوحة للثورة المصرية العظيمة…

















Cliche skateboards

Cliche Lem Villemin Trailer from 30shot on Vimeo.

Skateimpact celebrates Blind skateboards anniversary

Hay guys,

We would love to thank all the skaters,friends and parents who attended the event.

there is a post on Blind skateboards website about this event






















It was really a pleasure to see a lot of skaters we didn’t have the chance to meet since long time.

For the skaters who were not able to attend , here’s the summary of what happened on the event:

The Blind 21st anniversary was celebrated by skateimpact at the Semiramis intercontinental Hotel.












Doors opened at 7:00 PM and the show started at 8:00PM

During the event we threw a lot of FREE STUFF including 30 FREE Blind DVDs, 15 Blind Tshirts ,Banners and lots of stickers.

A small competition was made and

Mrs Inas hamam won the first BLIND deck










Youssef adel won the Second Blind Deck













Here’s the full album


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Welcome to the B2B side of skateimpact.

Skateimpact can help you in the Skatepark design,development and construction.

We also can supply you with Skateboad equipment, all in stock and no minimum order.