Skateimpact celebrates Blind skateboards anniversary

Hay guys,

We would love to thank all the skaters,friends and parents who attended the event.

there is a post on Blind skateboards website about this event






















It was really a pleasure to see a lot of skaters we didn’t have the chance to meet since long time.

For the skaters who were not able to attend , here’s the summary of what happened on the event:

The Blind 21st anniversary was celebrated by skateimpact at the Semiramis intercontinental Hotel.












Doors opened at 7:00 PM and the show started at 8:00PM

During the event we threw a lot of FREE STUFF including 30 FREE Blind DVDs, 15 Blind Tshirts ,Banners and lots of stickers.

A small competition was made and

Mrs Inas hamam won the first BLIND deck










Youssef adel won the Second Blind Deck













Here’s the full album


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